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Specializing in unique and Fantasy photography

Covering western NY, including Batavia, Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding areas.

Something Different

Are you looking to take some non-traditional photos that are exciting and fun? Have you ever wanted to explore a magical world, dress up like your favorite character, or go on a fantasy adventure? I specialize in creating unique and imaginative photography sessions so you can be sure that each one will be special and memorable! I can help you plan costumes for your photo shoot, whether it’s your everyday wardrobe, goth clothing, or an amazing cosplay outfit. Contact me today and let's start planning your magical picture experience!

Photography isn't just landscapes and portraitures! For those with an unorthodox love for aperture, there are passions like architecture photography, vehicle photography, and animal photography. From the majestic details of abandoned homes to the shining glimmers of restored cars at car shows - there's something to snap a shot of everywhere you look. And don't forget animals in the mix too - capturing the bond between you and your pet can make some of the most beautiful memories ever seen!

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Every month I'll post a promotional giveaway or discount, and you can get that email several days before I post it publicly. Only a few sessions will be available each time, so get in on the action and be the first to receive the great deals!

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