Fantasy Photography

Fantasy photography is the perfect way to explore your imagination and create art with a twist. Whether you're looking for something whimsical, like a cosplay photo or gothic fairytale scene, or something more ethereal and magical, fantasy photography can help you bring your vision to life.

Want to go on a fairy tale adventure, somewhere you've never been? Dress up and be transported to a new location or time? I've been creating fantasy photos and doing photo manipulation to make them more exotic and intriguing. If you have any fun and crazy ideas, or like to do Cosplay, we can make your fantasy photo session so much more exciting and whimsical! Let's have some fun!

**I can also do photo restoration on old photos that may have creases or marks on them. Feel free to ask about that service as well.**

zombie photoshoot
cosplay photo session
red riding hood
the Joker
unicorn photoshoot
christmas photo session
goddess photo session
pirate photo shoot
haunted house engagement
ghost photo manipulation
plague doctor photo manipulation

Before and After Example

couples photo


This is the original photo that was taken, after some minor editing.

photo manipulation


Here is the final version, complete with background change, three ravens were added, and some shadowing.

Photo Manipulation for Your Pet

Does your pet think he/she is royalty and you want to portray that personality? I've been having so much fun doing these photos, whether it's transporting them to a new location, or giving them a new "body" to fit their quirky characteristic.

cat photography
pet photography
rainbow bridge
pet protrait session
dog photography
dog photography
pet photography
dog photography
bird photography
photo manipulation
pet portrait session

Before and After Photos

dog photography

Original photo of Pickles, our hearse club mascot at a car show.

pet photo manipulation

Here is Pickles with a new background, added butterflies, harness clip removed, and shadowing.